Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively Call the Cops After Being Followed by a Pap

A-list couple Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively have had enough of being papped without permission
Thursday , 12 July 2012
Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively Call the Cops After Being Followed by a Pap
That's how we imagine Ryan glowered at the snapper

No paps please, it's Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively. The
couple are tired of being followed by snappers and called the police
to report a photographer who was allegedly following them in NYC.

Ryan and Blake bought a $2.3 million home in Bedford in New
York in April this year and have been spending some quality time there in
recent weeks. When the two stepped out to run errands at the weekend, they realised they were
being followed. Oh, the perils of being an A-lister! 
Concerned for his safety and that of Blake, Ryan called the
Bedford Police Department to report the pursuer, who was later identified as a photographer.

A local law enforcement official confirmed the story to
the New York Daily News. Blake and Ryan aren't the only celebrities turning to
cops to help them with prying paparazzi problems. Justin Bieber called 911 on 6
July after he was allegedly chased down by photographers in LA. And Alec
Baldwin has had several recent stand-offs with snappers in New York but has
chosen to tackle the paparazzi himself rather than call for police help.

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