Ryan Gosling's Ultimatum to Broody Anti-bride Eva Mendes: "No Wedding, No Baby!"

25 Sep 2012
By Ahlanlive.com

We've got to ask, what's wrong with Eva Mendes?

Dry your eyes ladies, hottie Ryan Gosling’s ready to take a T’Town wife! Apparently romantic Ryan, 31, is desperate to wed 38-year-old girlfriend Eva Mendes but she just wants to have babies.

A friend of the pair spilled to the National Enquirer, “Ryan is head over heels in love with Eva, and he wants to have a life with her – including children. Ryan wants children too, but also believes in marriage and youngsters growing up knowing mummy and daddy are committed to each other. It’s something Eva has balked at in the past, but Ryan has a charming way of helping her see a different kind of future. She’s getting on board with the idea of marriage.” It’s about time, Eva!

The source added, “Ryan is now confident that when he pops the question, Eva will say yes. They are likely to announce their engagement in October, followed by a summer wedding.” Just say yes, Eva, or send that man to Ahlan! Towers. We’ll have our big white dresses at the ready, just in case.