Ryan Gosling to Play Rambo?!

Sylvester Stallone wants Ryan for the job
Thursday , 12 November 2015
Ryan Gosling to Play Rambo?!
Take no prisoners: Ryan Gosling, pictured with Eva Mendes, could be the next Rambo

Sylvester Stallone thinks Ryan Gosling should replace him as Rambo.

The 69-year-old action star has played John Rambo in the five movies in the franchise and thinks Ryan would be the perfect if "odd choice" to step into his shoes.

In an interview posted to his Twitter page, Sylvester said: "For Rambo, who would I pass it on to? Ryan Gosling. Kind of an odd choice though right?"

Meanwhile, Sylvester is currently reprising his most famous role of Rocky Balboa in the new film Creed, which sees him training Adonis, the son of his opponent-turned-friend Apollo Creed, for his own championship match.

And Sylvester revealed that the iconic scene where Rocky runs up the 72 stone steps in front of the entrance of the Philadelphia Museum of Art in the first movie could have been very different.

He said: "I was gonna carry my dog up to show how tough Rocky is. But once I picked up that bull mastiff, who weighed 130lbs, and I got three steps and started to feel my discs compress, I had to say to him I'm sorry I love you but I'll do this one alone."

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