Russell Brand's Planning on Becoming a Yoga Teacher

Expect bendy times ahead in LA! Russell Brand is becoming a yoga teacher, and looking to set up his own studio. Find out who's been encouraging him
Russell Brand's Planning on Becoming a Yoga Teacher
Russell Brand

Russell Brand is training to become a yoga teacher. The Get Him to the Greek star, who was previously married to Katy Perry, is a huge fan of the Indian exercise and wellbeing practice and even thinking of opening his own studio in Los Angeles with the help of his instructor Tej Kaur.

A source told the Sunday Mirror newspaper: "His teacher at Goldenbridge Yoga is in charge of teacher training at the centre and has encouraged Russ to take the course. He decided to give it a go. The pair have become good friends and Russell relies on Tej to bring calmness into his often crazy life. Once he's finished his course next Spring, he'll set up his own studio in Los Angeles."

Russell, 37, may even use the centre to help those less fortunate than himself.

The source added: "He has this idea of an all-giving studio where teachers work for their own fulfillment and those in need such as the homeless and addicts in need of finding their spiritual soul."

"He wants to create his own mantra and take his teachings round the world like other renowned teachers he's learned from in the past.

"It's all part of his dream of building his own community and he would like to offer fre­e classes to those in need."

"It would also include meditation, cooking classes, lectures and aromatherapy classes."

Russell had also planned a trip to Rishikesh, India to practice advanced yoga skills early next year, but couldn't make it because of work commitments in the US.

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