Russell Brand's Crazy Crime Spree

The hot-tempered comedian has gone from mad to worse
Wednesday , 21 March 2012
Russell Brand's Crazy Crime Spree
Window-breaking news: Russell throws phone

It seems Russell Brand is on quite the crime spree of late! First the shaggy- haired star was arrested and charged after throwing a photographer’s iPhone through a window in New Orleans, where he is filming. Next we hear he’s accused of stealing a bike and that his actions could even lead to his deportation from the US!

On 9 March Russell and his mystery brunette companion hired two bikes from Greg’s Antiques and went for a spin around the city’s French Quarter. The sets of wheels were not returned on time and even though Russell’s assistant contacted the store owner to guarantee they would be, the bicycles were missing in action for over a week!

Maybe Russell thinks he is above the law? Just last week the hot-tempered comedian threw a hissy fit after he was caught on camera by snapper Timothy Jackson. Russ snatched the pap’s camera-phone and violently hurled it through the window of a law firm! While he has since paid for the damage and apologised via Twitter, insisting his actions were a tribute to the late CEO of Apple, Steve Jobs, Russell has been charged with two counts of criminal damage to property and faces a two-year prison term. To top it all off his immigration status is now in jeopardy!

Clearly life as Russell Brand is anything but dull!

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