Russell Brand and Katy Perry are planning a boring wedding

Russell Brand's boring wedding

04 Oct 2010

He says marrying Katy Perry will be “utterly mundane”

Has Russell Brandcompletely put his foot in it or is he just trying to forget he and wife Katy Perryare celebrities? The funnyman spoke out on British radio this month saying his upcoming October wedding is going to be “utterly mundane” and for guests to expect just a “normal” wedding.

"It will just be like a normal one (wedding),” said Russell. “It will have a first dance, it will have all of them things, like anything else. It's no more interesting or no less spectacular than any marriage of anybody, so it's very beautiful and incredible and wonderful but it's also utterly mundane."

And while the future Mr. and Mrs. Brand aren’t interested in splashing out on the wedding we at least hope Katy has a super fab dress from some super fab designer. We're thinking along the lines of Gwen Stefani's pink dipped John Galliano wedding dress.

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