Russell Brand

Russell Brand's Being Sued for $185,000!

11 Mar 2013

Pedestrian Victor Sneed now wants Russell Brand to pay a lot more than the original $25,000 he was demanding for being hit by a car allegedly being driven by the star. Here's why

Russell Brand is being sued for $185,000 in damages by a pedestrian.

The comedian - who was first sued for $25,000 by Victor Sneed last year - has now been hit by an even bigger legal claim as the alleged victim claims he needs greater financial compensation after being mowed down by a car last October, which he says Russell was driving.

Victor alleges his mammoth medical bill needs to be paid for injuries to his left hand, left arm, left hip, neck and left wrist.

He claims he's already spent $45,000 in medical expenses and will need yet another $140,000 for future surgeries.

However, Russell has strongly denied the claims and refuses to cough up the cash, believing Victor's "own negligence" was to blame for the accident.

A court document reads: "Under the provisions of the California Code of Civil Procedure, [Russell Brand] denies both generally and specially each, every and all of the allegations contained in the Complaint, and denies that plaintiff [Victor Sneed] sustained damages in the sum alleged, or in any other sum or at all.

"Plaintiff is barred from any recovery on the basis that the plaintiff's own negligence was the sole and proximate cause of the accident and injuries he sustained."