Russell Brand's Bare Feet

Russell Brand doesn't think he needs shoes to eat at glam restaurants!
Tuesday , 04 December 2012
Russell Brand's Bare Feet
Russell Brand

Shoes? Who needs ‘em! Well we do, and so do the glam ladies of T’Town, but actor Russell Brand does not, even when eating at a super fancy restaurant. Russ went to swanky LA restaurant Cecconi’s barefoot and the other diners weren’t very impressed! A source told The National Enquirer, “Brand walked in with three buddies and the host immediately looked down, saw he was barefoot – yet never said a word! People kept eyeing Brand’s bare feet, rolling their eyes and two customers finally complained to the manager, saying they believed it was against health regulations to serve someone with no shoes on. But not wanting to alienate a celebrity, management did nothing.” C’mon Russ, try ‘em! You used to like them!

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