Russell Brand Insults Heckler!

Russell Brand reprimands a man for taunting him about Katy Perry
Tuesday , 08 May 2012
Russell Brand Insults Heckler!
Don't mess with Russ!

Don’t mess with Russell! The comedian showed his not-so-funny side during a stand-up gig in New Jersey on 5 May. The Brit unleashed a string of insults at a man who heckled and taunted him about his ex-wife, Katy Perry.

Russ, who filed for divorce from Katy in late December 2011, was performing a show at the Borgata Casino in Atlantic City, but his set was continually interrupted by a member of the audience shouting out "Katy Perry". The comedian decided to take revenge on the assailant by turning the spotlight on the man and hurling a number of disparaging remarks at him. Halting his comedy show, he said, "I wanna see what this person looks like. Turn the lights on for me because I want to achieve some sort of confirmation. Who's the person who keeps shouting that? Come here, let's see ya.”

As other members of the audience pointed the suspect out, he added, "Let's see how your mental illness looks in the daylight. It's you, is it? Oh dear. I was hoping that your personality was as a result of physical beauty, then I saw you. I thought this guy's confident probably because he's incredibly pretty, but look at you.”

Russ continued to reprimand the rude fan and an eyewitness tells Life & Style magazine, "It must have been humiliating for the guy; it seemed to go on forever.

"Eventually he pulled it together and got back on the stage, and being Russell, he told the guy he’d just torn apart that he loved him."

Tough love! Better have some pretty thick skin if you’re going to bring up Russ’ past!

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