Is Russell and Katy’s Marriage in Trouble?

22 Nov 2011

Katy has apparently turned to her support act musician Tore for support

Last week we revealed that Russell Brand and Katy Perry were arguing over holiday plans, and now it seems problems lie deeper than the question of whose family will cook the Christmas turkey.

Katy speaks publically about wanting to start a family, while at the same time Russell jokes to students about joining a sorority s*x club. The Firework singer said, “I would love to have children. I think that’s one of the reasons you get married. If it doesn’t hurt the first time... I’ll keep popping them out.”

Katy is also rumoured to be taking time off work to focus on this goal. A source revealed, “She’ll take a year off to spend time with husband Russell Brand and to start a family.”

However kids seem far from her husband’s mind as the actor/comedian, 35, announces a stand-up tour of US colleges, where he jokes that he plans to get to know the students on an intimate level. “I don’t know what a sorority is… except that they are sort of s*x clubs for women,” he said, “I am going to learn first-hand about sororities.”

We were all surprised when Katy managed to tie down the infamous ladies man, and it seems after just one year of marriage, Russell is missing his old bachelor lifestyle.

Katy, 27, has been turning to her support act musician Tore Nissen for support. Sources say, “Tore has been a shoulder to cry on for Katy. They get along well, so much so that his girlfriend became suspicious.” Watch this space...

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