Russ and Katy In Trouble

Marriage in severe difficulty
Monday , 26 September 2011
Russ and Katy In Trouble
Singer Katy Perry (L) and actor Russell Brand

Russell Brand and Katy Perry have been together for almost a year and are planning on celebrating their first wedding anniversary next month.

But, according to sources, the couple are planning on making their celebrations a fresh start after a year of ups and downs.

The source says, they have had so many issues that this will be their last chance.

My source said, “Russell has been affected by the death of Amy Winehouse and dealing with his own issues.”

“Meanwhile, Katy has been working a lot and has been on tour and doing other projects.”

And, it couldn’t have been easy for the couple when Katy announced that she was not planning on having children any time soon, despite rumours they were trying for a baby.

Katy said, “I think if you’re married, it’s often in your future… I think in the future—the very far future—when I have children, I’ll have a more open approach, setting boundaries and showing them what their decisions and choices will breed.”

I’d watch this space if I were you guys… Doesn’t sound good!