Healthy Recipe: Rump Cap Asparagus Wraps

MJ's Steakhouse shows us how to rustle up a mouthwatering treat.
Healthy Recipe: Rump Cap Asparagus Wraps

Serves 4
16 large asparagus spears
16 x 40g rump cap escalopes
5g smoked paprika
20g Maldon salt
5ml olive oil
Tomato salsa

1 Blanch the asparagus quickly and refresh in cold water to stop them from over cooking. Roll each asparagus spear in an escalope and grill.

2 Once they are almost cooked through, toss with smoked paprika and Maldon salt, and drizzle with olive oil. Place four rump cap asparagus wraps on to each plate and serve with a few spoonfuls of tomato salsa.