Ruby Rose at Orangecon

Ruby Rose underwent emergency spinal surgery!

29 Sep 2019

She could've been left paralysed

Ruby Rose underwent emergency surgery on her spine after a series of stunts left her with two herniated discs.

The Australian actress, who is preparing to star as Batwoman on TV this autumn, took to Instagram on Thursday and shared a video of the operation, which took place over the summer.

"A couple of months ago I was told I needed an emergency surgery or I was risking becoming paralysed," she captioned the footage. "I had herniated two discs doing stunts, and they were close to severing my spinal chord. I was in chronic pain and couldn't feel my arms..."

She went on to thank her surgeon, Dr Bray, stating: "I am forever in your debt."

Ruby also joked about her decision to film the surgery, adding: "Did you not watch that Grey's Anatomy episode where they left a towel in a patient? Also, I wanted to see what happens when we go under."

Rose isn't the only celebrity who has been "fixed" by Dr. Bray - Pink's husband Carey Hart, a motorbike professional, responded to the actress' post and wrote: "Dr. Bray did my L4 & 5 (lumbar) fusion 5 years ago!! He is the best."