RTA's new app will make sure you never worry about transport in Dubai

RTA's new app will make sure you never worry about transport in Dubai

19 Dec 2017

Have you downloaded it yet?

Dubai's Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) is going hi-tech!

An official of the RTA has confirmed to Khaleej Times that a number of transport mobile apps will soon be phased out, and will be integrated into the RTA's all new mobility platform, titled S'hail or smart hail.

Adel Shakri, RTA director of transportation systems, has encouraged users of public transportation to use S'hail.

"S'hail puts together under one platform all the RTA transportation services like Dubai Metro, Dubai Tram, RTA taxis and buses, marine transport and limousine services. It makes travel quick, simple and hassle-free and it also offers taxi-booking options from other e-hailers like Uber and Careem," Shakri said.

"The app also provides real-time traffic updates and provides journey recommendations so apps like Wojhati will be redundant. We would like to promote more the use of S'hail," he added.

S'hail (which in Arabic means, a star used for navigation) has already registered around 70,000 downloads and clocked in more than 26,000 transactions since its launch in October.

And the app isn't even at its full potential yet!

Future upgrades include the integration of smart car rental services, ekar and UDrive, where the public can rent vehicles by the hour or minute. A live traffic feed will also be added and public transport users will in the future be able to top-up their Nol Cards through the S'hail app.

Have you downloaded it yet? It's a must-have app!