Rosie on the Lookout!

She's the best thing since sliced bread
Tuesday , 12 July 2011
Rosie on the Lookout!
Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Her role in Transformers 3 was panned by the critics but even they can’t argue with the commerical success of the film, which has seen it climb to the top of the box office leader board after bagging more than Dhs1 billion in it’s first week.

Rosie has now become the best thing since sliced bread and, I hear, it’s not only movie bosses who are vying for her attentions.

According to sources, Rosie is being hit on left, right and centre and Jason Statham is finding it increasingly difficult to stake his claim on the model-cum-actress.

My source says, “Jason and Rosie are close but he wants to take it that one step further and get married. Rosie appears to be reluctant to get engaged at the moment as she enjoys networking and travelling around working. She is focused on her career right now.”