Rose McGowan backtracs on Natalie Portman Criticism

She admits she lost sight of the bigger picture
ByNina StankovaWednesday , 19 February 2020
Rose McGowan backtracs on Natalie Portman Criticism
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Rose McGowan is walking back her stinging attack on Natalie Portman for wearing a cape at the Academy Awards with snubbed female directors' names stitched into its lining, admitting she ''lost sight of the bigger picture''.

The Charmed actress lashed out at the Oscar winner on Facebook last week, calling her red carpet fashion statement ''deeply offensive'' to "those of us who actually do the work".

McGowan also hammered the Black Swan star for not working with more female directors.

Portman responded to the post, noting that she agreed with McGowan's charge that her personal protest wasn't "brave", while assuring Rose she had done her best to work with and hire female directors herself, while admitting she has "only made a few films with women".

Now, in a new post on Twitter, the activist writes: "My critique should've been about Hollywood's ongoing culture of silence. I realise that by critiquing someone personally, I lost sight of the bigger picture. All voices, however spoken, are valid. Let's all keep pushing boundaries in whatever way we can, it's time to get loud.''

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