Rolling Stone hates music

Veteran rocker Keith Richards only likes Amy Winehouse
Monday , 17 March 2008
Rolling Stone hates music
Keith Richards is the latest celebrity to feature in a Louis Vuitton advertising campaign, seen here on New Bond Street, London

ROLLING STONES star K EITH RICHARDShates all modern-day music - except the vocal talents of troubled star AMY WINEHOUSE.

But the rock veteran insists the Back To Black singer needs to stay off drugs or else she risks ending her career - and her life.

He says, "There's only one person. That girl Amy (Winehouse). Mind you, that girl's not going to be around long unless she sorts herself out pretty quick. Amy's got to get smart."

Winehouse checked into a rehab clinic in London earlier this year after a video showing the singer allegedly taking a variety of illegal substances was passed on to British newspaper The Sun.