Rohit Jayakaran

04 Mar 2013

Winner of the 48 Hour Film Project

When this City 101.6 radio presenter entered the inaugural 48 Hour Film Project in Dubai in 2012, he walked away with the prize for Best Film, Best Script and Most Promising Filmmaker.

Tell us about your film Solus.
It’s about a man who relocates to Dubai and is all set to move into an apartment. When he gets there, he receives a pink box that steals his peace of mind. The seven-minute film grips you till the end and brings everything from blood to hallucinations into that short duration of time.

Talk us through the challenge.
In this competition, you don’t get to choose your genre – it’s something you pull out of a hat. Horror is not exactly the easiest genre to work with. We wrote the script the first night, then started shooting the following morning at 7am. We produced the film using all of our own equipment. I filmed the story and edited it as well and we had a team working on the music score to add to the tension in the film. 

Were you surprised to win?
Of course. We were pitted against the best filmmakers in town and their films were all top notch.

Tell us all about your passion for filmmaking.
I love it. In fact, I love every aspect of storytelling. There is something that a film can do that no other medium can.

So what about radio?
That’s my other passion and I really enjoy working for the UAE’s number one Bollywood radio station. 

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