Rod Stewart

Rod Stewart Won't Spoil Kids

22 Oct 2012

Rod Stewart is finding it hard to get his eight children to leave home, saying they all still share his Californian mansion

Rod Stewart refuses to spoil his children. The Maggie May rocker has eight kids from five different relationships and despite being very rich, he won't let them have everything they want because he wants them to learn about responsibility.

He said: ''Ah well, yes, there's the word: 'spoil'. It's a fine line. I don't wanna see them sitting around being lazy bu*****, and when they achieve something I'm very proud of that, they're still not as hungry as I was.''

The 67-year-old rocker - who lives in Los Angeles with third wife Penny Lancaster and their two sons, Alastair, six, and 20-month-old Aiden - also admitted that despite being unfaithful with several of his former partners he is still on good terms with most of them.

He told The Times magazine: ''I'm on really good terms with Rachel [Hunter, his second wife] and Kelly [Emberg, former partner]. Alana [Hamilton, first wife] and I don't see eye to eye on the upbringing of our two children [Kimberly and Sean], we never have and we never will. She's the type who thinks money should be thrown at them. And I believe they have to work for a living. And Kimberly's done a lot of work, but she's a mum now.''