Robert Pattinson's Post-Breakup Makeover!

17 Aug 2012

Now that Kristen Stewart's out of the way, Robert Pattinson looks better than ever

Kristen who? Robert Pattinson may have been heartbroken when the news of Kristen Stewart’s cheating first broke last month, but he’s on the up and up, especially in the looks department. The Twilight star did his first interview since K-Stew’s cheating news broke with American funnyman Jon Stewart on The Daily Show on 13 August and he looked polished, put together, and, let’s say it, just plain hot! When Rob sat down, Jon brought him Ben & Jerry’s ice cream and said, “Boy, you are better off. Kick her to the curb.” We’re pretty sure Jon wasn’t just talking about Rob’s love life, because in his sleek suit, with perfectly coiffed hair and stubble, he looked nothing like the grungy star we’ve seen in recent years!

After Kristen was papped getting mighty close to her much older, married, father-of-two Snow White and the Huntsman director Rupert Sanders, the world was waiting for Rob to talk about her affair. But he didn’t say peep until he was ready. Finally, on The Daily Show, Rob didn’t trash talk K-Stew but instead made a joke about the ice cream, saying, “I’m trying not to eat this as I’m going to split my Spanx. I’m double Spanxed.” When Jon said, “I’m worried about you. Are you alright?” Rob deflected the question without being a drama queen. “I’m going to sound like an idiot, but my biggest problem in my life is that I’m cheap. I didn’t hire a publicist. And every awkward interview, most actors have things scripted. I’m going to hire a publicist.” 
So did K-Stew tune into Rob’s interview? A source told RadarOnline, “Kristin is very, very nervous about Robert’s interview with Jon Stewart… [she has] some concerns that Stewart might poke fun at the situation in an attempt to get Robert to open up.” But Rob was a class act. In another interview with Showbiz Tonight, he said he has a “total disassociation” with the reports about Kristen. If his appearance is indicative of his state of mind, we think Rob is almost over her and we’re not the only ones. A source told The National Enquirer, “Rob was super angry for the first couple of weeks, angry at Kristen for ruining what they had, angry at her for the public embarrassment. But he’s starting to wind down.”
Kristen’s instant karma might be helping him heal. The Hollywood Reporter revealed, “Universal has decided to shelf its planned Snow White and the Huntsman sequel and is instead focusing on a solo Huntsman movie starring Chris Hemsworth. Kristen Stewart will not be invited to return if the follow-up goes forward.” Youch!

The Twihards have turned against Kristen, but they’ve rallied around Rob. Fans went crazy for him at the Cosmpolis premiere and he’s getting outpourings of support. “I guess if people think they’re worried about you, it’s sweet,” Rob said to Time magazine. But the fans don’t need to worry too much about Rob. At the Cosmopolis after-party in NYC, onlookers said Rob was “relaxed and comfortable”.
‘’He was very charismatic, all smiles, looking very relaxed and hugging all who stopped by to say hi. The general crowd gravitated towards his table, but he was shielded by security. He was surrounded by women and the movie’s cast. The whole room was watching him, and he looked genuinely at ease and comfortable the whole time,” a source revealed. Sorry, K-Stew, but Rob’s not going to stay single for long!