Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson

03 Dec 2008

Our Latest Crush!

Forget his role as goody goody CEDRIC DIGGORY in Harry Potter – we’re all about Robert’s tormented vampire in Twilight... and so is the rest of the world!

One fan got her nose broken, another girl passed out with hysteria, and the police were called in to disperse the crowd. These were the scenes which greeted Rob at a recent autograph signing in San Francisco, when organisers predicted 500 fans would show – and 3,000 turned up!

“I think I’ll go back to London after for a bit, and hide out,” the shell-shocked actor revealed.

Mad Fans

Gorgeous Rob admits he was left shocked after one of his fans – a seven-year-old girl – asked him to bite her at a recent appearance.

“She went really quiet and she was like, ‘Can you bite me?’ It wasn’t a joke,” he revealed. “I looked at her and thought, ‘Do you know what you’re saying?’”

Box Office Dynamite
Robert’s experiencing super-sized fame across the pond, with Twilight’s opening weekend pulling in over Dhs255 million! And Rob admits he feels bewildered by his meteoric rise – “So many young people who get a big hit kind of get hyped up,” he says. “And I just feel like I’m being propelled by something I have absolutely no control over.”

Tortured Artist For Real?
In Twilight, Rob plays gorgeous vampire Edward, who constantly struggles with inner conflict, but his recent declarations have left us wondering if that turmoil isn’t actually really real!

“There’s hardly anyone I want to speak to,” he sighs. “I spend most of the time just avoiding phone calls, just avoiding everything.” Recently adding on the talkshow Ellen, “People like screaming at me. Actually, they like screaming at me in relationships as well. No one wants to commit.” We do, Robert!

Celebs love Edward... we mean, Rob!

Hilary Duff:
“I told my boyfriend, I was like, ‘Edward Cullen… I mean, find me a vampire, you might be done... ’ He’s just well, so handsome.”

Tyra Banks:

After Rob bit her on the neck on her show – “I got a hickey from Rob... That felt good.”

Ellen DeGeneres:
“I think somebody will commit, don’t you worry about that. You have lots of choices,” she told him, when he said he can’t find a girlfriend who’ll commit.