Robert & Kristen: ‘We’re Sick Of Sneaking Around!’

06 Jun 2009

Why the pair want to take their romance public… and their battle with the Twilight top bods who refuse to let them!

Although the whole world seems to have gone Edward and Bella crazy – lusting after ROBERT PATTINSON’s vampire alter-ego in Twilight and going starry-eyed over the purer-than-pure love affair between the modern star-cross’d lovers – Twilight producers are furious that their two main stars fell for one another whilst filming the blockbuster, last year.

With movie sources now agreed that the Robert Pattinson/Nikki Reed hook-up rumours were just a smokescreen to hide the real romance between Rob and Kristen (although pals say Nikki had hoped to make the Brit hottie her boyfriend), the pair are now ready to take their love public.

Just one problem, though. Movie producers have told the pair in no uncertain terms, that there’ll be trouble if they do!

Ahlan! delves into the relationship 23-year-old Robert and Kristen, 19, are being forced to hide. And wonders how long they can keep things private...

‘They’re fascinated with each other’
Twilight sources are widely agreed that Rob became infatuated with Kristen as soon as the pair first met to audition together.

“To decide who was going to be Edward, I had chemistry reads over at my house on my bed,” revealed director Catherine Hardwicke. “When it was Rob and Kristen together, you could just tell... this is it.” Adding, “It’s intense when you do such an intense project. Robert and Kristen are interested in each other, like a fascination.”

And the pair’s co-star Elizabeth Reaser – who plays Esme – reveals, “Kristen and Rob have amazing chemistry. They’re really great together.”

Rob and Kristen fuel rumours

Although in public the pair have insisted time and time again that they’re ‘just friends’, Rob recently gave a telling interview, in which he revealed that he has to sneak around now that he’s become hugely famous.

“You have to be very secretive about everything,” he insisted. And before she became tight-lipped about anything Rob-related, Kristen couldn’t help but gush of her adorable co-star, “Oh, he’s like a little tortured artist. He’s British. He’s tall. He always looks like he’s thinking about something. And he’s quite witty. So he’s pretty sexy.”

Film bosses: ‘don’t you dare go public!’
Producers at Summit – the company behind the Twilight franchise – are said to be furious that Rob and Kristen will go public with their love, after they slapped a ban on any of the movie’s co-stars dating each other.

“It’s a big no-no for any of the actors involved with New Moon to get together,” revealed an in-the-know insider. And another source claims Kristen was discouraged from going to Cannes recently with Robert, as movie bigwigs had hoped it would be a case of ‘out of sight, out of mind’ for the actor.

“Not only do they want [Rob and Kristen] apart, but lots of people [hoped] Rob [would] enjoy himself a little too much in Cannes,” a source spilled to E! “With all of the parties and girls, certain execs [were] banking on Robert realising he wants to be completely single.” And another insider put it more succinctly, stating, “[Summit] do not want them together. At all.”

Emergency meeting
Just last month, a source close to the New Moon set revealed, “I hear that Kristen and Rob’s ‘teams’ are having an emergency meeting” in order to pave the way for the pair to go public with their romance.

And as respected internet movie website imdb.comlists Kristen’s boyfriend as Robert, insiders say the pair’s PR teams will be slowly working to “out” the pair as a couple, but that their hands have been forced as Rob and Kristen are “refusing to play along [with the cover up] anymore.”

The evidence
They still publicly deny they’re together... but the evidence that proves they’re dating is stacking up.

‘Holding hands’:Back in April, an eagle-eyed shopper caught the pair holding hands in a Vancouver supermarket, and the pair even “stopped to giggle” at the magazines with their faces on the cover.

Late night hotel visits:Although Summit bosses kept them in separate hotels in Vancouver, a source spills, “Rob [was] seen coming back from the direction of Kristen’s hotel at 1.30am and 3am on different nights.”

Spotted kissing:
“I was on vacation in Vancouver when I saw Robert and Kristen holding hands as they left the bar Richard’s about 2am on May 5,” photography student Jessica Fettes told the National Enquirer. “They looked very happy together, and there was a lot of smiling. I saw them kissing after they got into a cab.”

Even more PDAs:And a waitress at Richard’s bar mentioned above revealed of that night, “Yes, they were kissing and very close all night.”