Robert Downey Jr's Hygienic Marriage

The Iron Man star keeps his marriage going with cleanliness
BySarah Hedley HymersThursday , 09 October 2014
Robert Downey Jr's Hygienic Marriage
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The more I read about Robert Downey Jr, the more I like the guy. This week the Iron Man actor proved he really is squeaky-clean after saying the key to a happy marriage is hygiene. Robert, who’s expecting a second child with film producer wife Susan Downey, says he thinks his spouse appreciates his love of showering. The 49-year-old star said: “This is one of the keys to our relationship. I’m so clean you could eat off of me. I think women appreciate that.” Well, guess what, Robbie? You’re right! We women do appreciate a clean partner. I mean, who wants to come home to a smelly mess stinking up the sofa anyway?

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