Robert De Niro’s Oscar Dreams

Why the actor wants to break the record for his children
Tuesday , 04 October 2011
Robert De Niro’s Oscar Dreams
Robert De Niro at the Oscars in 2009

Robert De Niro wants to break the record for the number
of Oscars handed to one actor so he can give each of his five children a

The Hollywood icon is the proud recipient of two Academy
Awards, one for Best Actor for the 1980’s film Raging Bull and the other for
Best Actor in a Supporting Role in The Godfather: Part II.

Robert’s been shortlisted a further four times, but the
Goodfellas star hasn’t given up hope of winning a record-breaking five Oscars
so he can pass them down to his kids.

The A-list actor tells Britain’s The Sunday Times, “If I
had one to give to each of my kids that would be fine. But I don’t and I can’t
give one to one and not to the other.”

Katharine Hepburn and Clint Eastwood are the actors who
have won the most Academy Awards, with four each.

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