Robbie Williams

Robbie Williams is Too Muscular for Clothes

29 Oct 2012

Robbie Williams' obsession with doing weights in the gym has made him too bulky to fit into his clothes

Robbie Williams can't fit into his clothes because he has become too muscular. The Candy singer admits he became obsessed with doing weights for a short while but is now struggling with the consequences because he cannot wear his old outfits as they are now too tight.

He said: ''I have extreme focus on one thing and everything else go to waste. I did weights for a while, and now I can't get into any clothes. I'm doing cardio-vascular too. I look like a doorman, now. The fit on clothes these days, it's tight.''

Now Robbie's new focus is his album Take The Crown and daughter Theodora Rose, and he admits becoming a father a few weeks ago has had a ''cosmic'' effect on him.

Robbie - who is married to Ayda Field - told BBC Radio 2 interviewer Dermot O'Leary: ''It's indescribable, it's quite cosmic, kind of staring at yourself and it's wonderful and magic. You don't get bored looking at this little thing you are in charge of. I'm in charge, but she's in control. She's only five weeks old! I'm going, 'Have I done the allotted stuff so it looks like I care?!' ''