Robbed of Love - again

Singer single after split from actress girlfriend
Thursday , 26 June 2008
Rob is single again
Rob is single again
Ayda dated Robbie for almost a year
Ayda dated Robbie for almost a year

Unlucky-in-love ROBBIE WILLIAMS is on the market again after splitting with his girlfriend of less than a year AYDA FIELD.

Despite Rob's desperate attempts to make the relationship work, insiders say the pair were just too different and eventually had to face reality.

Robbie recently whisked the aspiring actress in romantic trips to Europe ad Mexico, but sources say the party-loving model was unhappy at Rob's lack of enthusiasm for the LA social scene.

A source said: "Ayda was attracted to Rob as he is vastly different to the average LA guy she is accustomed to, but in the end this was exactly what ended their relationship, he's too different.'

"Rob's indifference about the LA scene annoyed her,' the source added.

"He was content to stay in eat junk food and watch DVD's while Ayda was yearning for some glam nights out.

"That's because Ayda is hungry to advance in her career and play the Hollywood game which means schmoozing, meeting right people and moving in the right circles.

"Yet Robbie doesn't care, he doesn't need to, he's ambivalent about all that as he can afford to be.

"He gave their relationship a serious go, but it was really the fact they weren't on the same page in terms of where their lives are going.

"Golfing, hiking and a craving for privacy aren't what an aspiring 28-year-old actress wants or needs."

The couple are said to still be friends but 33-year-old Robbie is already on the lookout for a replacement.

A source said: "He is now back in LA for the summer and hopes to have some fun with LA girls and maybe even develop a serious relationship."