Rob Kardashian and Rita Ora Engaged?

"I love you and you're my wife," Rob Kardashian fesses up about Rita Ora on Twitter
Monday , 14 May 2012
Rob Kardashian's got a wife now
Rob Kardashian's got a wife now
Rita Ora's done her man proud
Rita Ora's done her man proud

It's time for another Kardashian love story and this time it's Kim K's younger brother who's in the spotlight. The buzz is that Rob Kardashian and singer Rita Ora are a couple, and perhaps even engaged, after he declared his love for her on

Rob jetted into London on 13 May to toast the R&B star after she took the top spot on the UK singles chart with her debut R.I.P.

Rob and Rita avoided being photographed together as they arrived separately at Whisky Mist nightclub, but he couldn't help but share his pride with his Twitter followers.

He posted a photo of Rita celebrating her achievement and captioned the snap, "That's MY baby!" before adding, "You did it. I love you and you're my wife."

That wasn't all. Rob later tweeted, "I love my woman! I'm so proud of you!" If that doesn't say they're on, we don't know what does!

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