Roasted Lamb Leg with Oriental Rice

02 Dec 2011

It's time for an elaborate and wholesome spread with this recipe


Roast Lamb Leg
800g lamb leg
1g saffron
50ml corn oil
15g white pepper powder
40g Arabic spices
Salt (according to taste)
2 whole onions
1 whole garlic head
10g cardamom
15g cinnamon sticks
10g cloves
5g bay leaves
50g coriander leaves

Oriental Rice
5g Arabic spices
15g chopped red onions
300g basmati rice
10g pine seeds
15g chicken stock
20g ghee
40ml corn oil
20g cinnamon powder
10g white pepper powder
Salt (according to taste)
150g lamb mince
(Serves 4)


Roast Lamb Leg
1. Marinate the lamb leg with saffron, corn oil, white pepper, salt and Arabic spices.
2. Move to a container, add all the other ingredients.
3. Add some water to the container, below the leg of lamb, cooking it in vapeur d’eau (water vapour).
4. Cover with aluminium foil and place in oven at 200°C for two and a half hours.
5. Remove from the oven and serve hot.

Oriental Rice
1. Heat a pan, put oil and ghee into it, add the pine seeds and the chopped onion. Mix and add the lamb mince.
2. Move to a pot and cook well before adding the spices and the stock.
3. Bring to the boil then place it on a low burner until well cooked.
4. Place the rice in a serving dish then add the roasted lamb leg on top and serve hot.

INFO: This recipe was provided by Al Nafoorah at Jumeirah Zabeel Saray, Dubai.