Ritz-Carlton DIFC Adds Quirky Arabic Sushi to its Menu

17 Jul 2013
By Ahlanlive.com

Is that shawarma in your sushi? Ritz-Carlton DIFC’s special Ramadan creations are now permanently on the menu

Initially introduced as part of a limited iftar offering,
the Ritz-Carlton DIFC’s creative Arabic sushi has become so popular that they’re
keeping it. The hotel’s No.5 Lounge & Bar’s Arabic
sushi is a take on the Japanese version but infused with Middle Eastern
flavours. The executive chef Ron Pietruszka’s time at the Ritz-Carlton in Osaka
is no doubt behind this culinary twist. This means creations like shawarma with
Arabic pickles, falafel-tahina, beetroot mutabel with cucumber, prawn-harra,
and tabbouleh with organic tomato.

During the summer, the Arabic sushi
will be served inside the bar alongside more traditional Japanese sushi, and
outside on the terrace from September onwards.

INFO: Sunset to 3am,
Gate Village, DIFC, 04 372 2222 www.ritzcarlton.com.