Ritu Upadhyay

Journalist and Editorial Director of Global Citizen
Ritu Upadhyay
Ritu Upadhyay

This jet-setting journalist is the Middle East correspondent for Women’s Wear Daily, a contributor to Bloomberg Television and now, since its launch in 2012, the editorial director of Dubai-based Global Citizen magazine.

Tell us about Global Citizen.
It was the title of the magazine that really resonated with me. It’s an identity most of us here in Dubai can relate to. In the magazine, we hope to reflect the many diverse interests of the ‘global citizen’, from business to lifestyle and philanthropy. It’s hard to create a title from scratch but I’m proud of where we are heading with it.

How did you become a correspondent for Women’s Wear Daily (WWD)?
We were living in India and I was reporting for Time magazine. WWD approached me to report on the textile manufacturing, retailing and fashion industries – all of which I found absolutely fascinating, not to mention the obvious elements of glamour.

You’re also the Middle East producer for Bloomberg. Tell us about that.
I get to immerse myself in topics that I might otherwise not have known about. For instance, I recently worked on a programme on Islamic finance.

As the wife of a US diplomat, you’ve  travelled the world. What do you think of Dubai?
Dubai is a fascinating cultural destination. I have a more diverse group of friends here than anywhere else I’ve ever lived. It’s a new city so there is so much happening in terms of the emergence of new business, innovative ideas and concepts.