RiRi Threatens Karrueche: I Will Make You My B***

The love triangle gets messy as Rihanna goes to extremes to get Chris back
Wednesday , 14 March 2012
RiRi Threatens Karrueche: I Will Make You My B***
Rihanna and Chris Brown

With two women fighting for him, Chris Brown should consider himself a lucky man. Rihanna has declared love war and is trying her best to get her ex back, but Chris’ new girlfriend Karrueche Tran isn’t going to let her pull an Angelina that easily.

The two women got in a public spat on Twitter when RiRi posted a photo of a woman resembling Chris’ new Vietnamese model girlfriend with the caption, “[I will] make u my b****.” In response, Karrueche reportedly posted, “I’m Angelina, you’re Jen. C’mon you see where Brad is at.”

We don’t see RiRi giving up like Jen though, despite her complicated and violent past with Chris. For weeks she’s been trying to up her sex appeal with a series of scantily-dressed photos of herself on Twitter, the latest being a topless snap of her holding what resembles a whip!

Further proof is Rihanna’s suggestive song Birthday Cake, which is allegedly about Chris. Last month Chris lent his vocals to a remix of the song, just a few weeks after he wished RiRi Happy Birthday on Twitter. In the song (mostly too naughty to print here), he drops hints about their physical relationship such as “been a long time, I’ve been missing your body” and “I knew this but you [are] the s***”.

Karrueche can’t be very happy about the situation, especially after RiRi, who’s been trying to help bestie Katy Perry find love, turned all romantic recently, speaking about wanting to give up her single ways. The singer must know she’s winning as she tweeted, “I’m a leader, [you’re all just] following... game on some modelling s***.” You don’t have to be a psychologist to notice the model dig there. Karrueche had better hold onto her man cos RiRi’s coming!

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