RIP Amy Winehouse

Tragic Amy broken by love!
Sunday , 24 July 2011
RIP Amy Winehouse

I bumped into Amy Winehouse a few times on the London party scene but my everlasting memory of the tragic singer was when I attended one of her early performances when she was a virtual unknown.

I knew this girl was going to be big, the crowd were taken in by her soulful voice and her emotional performance, and when I caught up with her afterwards she seemed with it, focused and knew exactly what she wanted.

Oh! how time changed that. After writing a number of stories about her relationship with Blake Fielder-Civil, watching tragic images of the star with bloody feet, scabs all over her body, her gaunt frame and troubled face come through the news desk, I knew she was heading for certain death.

There's no doubt in my mind that if Amy hadn't met Blake Fielder-Civil, someone she classed as her one true love, then she wouldn't have gotten into this mess. I heard many stories (unprintable) from my sources and was convinced he was the main reason she became hooked on drugs.

He used, abused and embarrassed her in public and she was too out of it to even realise. It was a tragic site and one that inevitably led to her demise.

Then came her second love, Reg Traviss, who tried so hard to get her back on the straight and narrow.

I went to a party with the couple last summer, the launch party for Shaka Zulu in Camden London, and remember joining them on her table and she didn't even know where she was. Reg had to answer for her and held her up with his arm.

It was a tragic sight and up until that point I believed she was finally on her way to sorting through her issues but that sadly sealed her fate in my mind.

And then, just last month, Reg finished with Amy. Broken Hearted for the second time and inconsolable, friends quite rightly became very worried about her. Thus, leading to her tragic death at the age of just 27 on July 23rd 2011.

So, in the space of just a few years, I watched Amy go from being a with it, focused individual to someone who was consumed by drink and drugs and not even knowing who or where she was.

Even now, I'm still upset at the thought of that poor girl who fell in love with a man who clearly didn't love her, watching him ruin her life with his influences and throw her away like a piece of rubbish. Blake should hang his head in eternal shame!

It was not only drink and drugs that killed Amy Winehouse, it was also love. A broken heart that could never be mended. A girl that could never recover.

RIP Amy Winehouse, you will be greatly missed.