Rima & Dina Zahran

Rima & Dina Zahran

02 Mar 2014

The dynamic duo behind Dinz

It’s taken just five years for the Dinz brand to go from Rima designing customised T-shirts in her bedroom as gifts for her friends, to regional fashion powerhouse. The Palestinian siblings, who were raised in Spain, first arrived in Dubai in 1997, with their label taking shape almost by accident nine years later. Rima became so overwhelmed by the demand for her creations that she was forced to quit her job and make it her full-time profession. Younger sister Dina joined the label later to assist with growing the brand – while Rima was in charge of the design process, Dina sourced materials and took charge of distribution and promoting the brand.

Last year, the label went bigger than ever before, releasing ready-to-wear pieces, jewellery and clutches. The collection was their largest yet, and was lapped up by their loyal following. It’s an admirable move given that the pair’s personal lives could have seen Dinz retreat into the background, with Rima now raising a young family and Dina basking in the glow of newly wedded bliss. However, they’ve no plans to relax, knowing that it’s going to take an immense amount of effort to achieve their aspiration of global domination. They say: “The best piece of advice we ever received was that working hard would eventually bear fruit. They were right – there’s no stopping us now!”

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