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Rik Mayall's World Cup Song

19 Jun 2014

The late comic’s song Noble England has gone up the charts

The late great Rik Mayall’s World Cup song Noble England has gone straight to number seven in the UK charts, beating Pitbull & JLo’s efforts. Mayall died of a heart attack last week, and though fans of the British icon couldn’t resurrect the beloved comedian, they could resurrect his 2010 footy song. When first released, it was overlooked, but now, in a great outpouring of affection and patriotism, the track has become a top-10 hit. In it, Mayall performs his own goose-bump-raising take on the iconic ‘Once More Unto the Breach’ speech from Shakespeare’s Henry V.

So rousing is Rik’s rendition, I wouldn’t be surprised if Shakespeare saw a spike in popularity too. It certainly got my thundersticks banging.