Rihanna's Surprise for Jay-Z

Anything for her mentor! Rihanna joined Jay-Z on stage for his headlining act at Hackney Weekend
Sunday , 24 June 2012
Rihanna's Surprise for Jay-Z
Rihanna and Jay-Z's Hackney rock

Never mind the erratic behaviour and the questionable choice in men, Rihanna showed off just what makes her rock when she surprised everyone and joined mentor Jay-Z as he took to the stage to headline at Radio 1's Hackney Weekend. Of course, Beyonce was in the audience, watching.  

RiRi was in fine form, belting out Run this Town, with Beyonce's hubby. Dressed in all black – black bra top, black shirt, black shorts and shades of the quirky type.   

After the performance, Rihanna and Jay-Z hugged each other. Awww! There's definitely one man in RiRi's life we approve of!  

Earlier in the day, Rihanna was out and about in London, wearing a bright fluorescent hat. 

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