Rihanna's Plastic Surgery Rumours

24 Oct 2012
By Ahlanlive.com

Say it isn't so... Rihanna might be considering surgery to make Chris Brown happy

Talk about someone who does not need a lick of plastic surgery! Rihanna, who’s only 24, is reportedly considering a boob job to make Chris Brown happy! Yes, you read that right. Sources are saying that Chris told her she’d look “so hot” with a bigger chest. Time to run far, far away, Rihanna!

“It’s horrifying seeing how much control Chris still has over her. It’s like she’s hypnotised. Rihanna’s always been insecure about her cleavage, but Chris’ comment has spurred her on to really do something about it. Rihanna can’t help herself. What she really wants is something she can’t have – a committed relationship with Chris,” an insider revealed to Perez Hilton.

RiRi needs to listen to Heidi Montag, who just said of her extreme plastic surgery, “I would never do it again and I would never recommend it for anyone… I should have researched it more.” Hear that, Ri?