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Rihanna's New Video is So Bad!

20 Jul 2015

The singer gets very violent and commits murder in BBHMM

Last week Rihanna became the first artist to surpass more than 100 million gold and platinum song certifications, elevating her to number one on The Recording Industry Association of America’s list of artists with the most digital single awards and making her the first artist to surpass RIAA's 100 million cumulative singles award threshold. That said, the Bajan beauty is underfire as her bad girl ways have resurfaced once again and left people appalled.


Rihanna’s so Inappropriate
The Diamonds hitmaker released the clip for B**ch Better Have My Money last week and a number of company bosses have since contacted video sharing website Vevo.com to stop their commercials being played before the controversial footage, which features kidnapping, drugs, nudity and violence. Bosses of travel firm Kuoni and retail company The Co-operative Group have told Britain’s Daily Mail newspaper they are withdrawing their support for Rihanna's video. Vivienne Pattinson from broadcast pressure group Mediawatch-UK celebrated the move, saying: “It’s fantastic that advertisers have begun to take responsibility and withdraw their support for this unbelievably shocking video. I hope more follow suit.” A spokesman for Vevo added: “We respect the wishes of our advertisers and we will not run their adverts against any material which they deem to be inappropriate to their brand.

Violent Work of Art
Meanwhile the model who features in the contentious new video has defended the clip and compared it to the work of acclaimed director Quentin Tarantino. In the vid Rihanna is seen kidnapping and abusing an accountant’s trophy wife, played by model Rachel Roberts, before turning her vengeful hand on the husband, played by Casino Royale star Mads Mikkelsen, who appears to owe the Rude Boy hitmaker money. Despite the violence in the clip, Roberts insists it shows a strong woman and likens the video to the work of Tarantino, who’s known for showing brutal and bloody scenes in his films.

RiRi Fights Back
She told the Guardian newspaper: “Obviously, it’s risqué, but there are a lot of films, say Tarantino’s, that are far more graphic and violent. It’s a video, it’s not real. I understand that some people will not like it. Rihanna’s character chooses to torture a man’s wife before ultimately killing the man himself.” Rachel went on to further defend RiRi adding: “Whether or not you like what she’s doing in the video, Rihanna is portraying a strong woman, who is fighting back, even if her methods are obviously highly questionable.”