Rihanna's New Fashion Venture

From music to fashion – there’s no stopping RiRi!
Wednesday , 23 May 2012
Rihanna's New Fashion Venture
That's designer Rihanna to you!

Not content with her massive success on planet pop, Rihanna is on track to take over the fashion world! After the triumph of her debut collection with Armani Jeans and Emporio Armani Underwear, RiRi is collaborating with the Italian fashion house to produce a second line. Her first collection featured jeans, a zipped biker jacket and casual tees and her next project will include glitter-adorned underwear and tartan-lined jeans. But it seems the star has well and truly caught the design bug and she has confirmed that she has something even more exciting and personal up her fashionable sleeves. “I’m doing my own collection. I’m working on it – it will reflect my personal style,” she said.
The stylish pop star had previously hinted to Ryan Seacrest that she wanted to get more involved in fashion when she admitted, “I want to design. This is also a road that I want to earn it. So I’m working with designers – designers and companies that I respect. I want people to really trust me before I say, ‘Buy it because it’s mine.’” Learning on the job from Armani isn’t bad going!

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