Rihanna's 777 Tour Hits London with a Bang

Rihanna marked the release of her new album Unapologetic with the sixth date of her 777 tour in London last night. Find out why she angered fans along the way
Rihanna's 777 Tour Hits London with a Bang

Rihanna marked the release of her new album with the sixth date of her '777' tour on Monday night (19 November).

The Diamonds hitmaker, who is performing seven shows in seven countries in seven days, took to the stage at London's Kentish Town Forum on the day Unapologetic went on sale and appeared in a playful mood, pulling faces at the crowd, which included Alexandra Burke, Pixie Lott and Kylie Minogue.

However, she called a halt to the set during Where Have You Been? when the band started playing out of sync with the backing track.

She said: "What is that? Why is the track off with the band? This is the stuff you have to deal with on a rock 'n' roll tour!"

Earlier in the evening, the 24-year-old pop star, who has been hit by over £200,000 in fines for repeated take off delays on her private Boeing jet, turned up an hour behind schedule to turn on the Christmas lights at the Westfield shopping centre in Stratford, east London.

Rihanna picked up a £500,000 pay cheque for the appearance, during which she angered fans by performing just one song.

The day had begun with chaos when journalists on board Rihanna's 777 plane begun to tire of being granted very little access to the star, with one Australian reporter even streaking through the aircraft as it travelled from Berlin, Germany, to England.

Us Weekly Senior Editor Ian Drew, who is on board the aircraft, revealed: "Chaos erupted right as the plane took off. It all started when a flight attendant ran back to adjust a door at the back of the plane. To my left, some folks decided to cause a ruckus by singing What's My Name and singing 'Rihanna' instead of 'Hey Na Na'. The press in the entire press section started joining in and chanting 'Rihanna' to try to get her to come out. (Many journalists on the plane have complained that the singer has yet to grant one-on-one interviews)."

Rihanna makes her final stop on the 777 tour in New York tonight (20 November).

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