Is Rihanna Trying to Steal Rob Kardashian from Rita Ora?

RiRi might be making a move on Rob over go karting dates
Monday , 27 August 2012
Is Rihanna Trying to Steal Rob Kardashian from Rita Ora?
Are they just sporty friends?

We knew Rihanna was feeling unlucky-in-love and desperate for attention, but now she appears to be going for her arch rival Rita Ora’s man, Robert Kardashian! Rob was reportedly dating singer Rita, who rose to fame as RiRi’s former manager Jay-Z’s new protégé, but recently Rob and RiRi have been going go karting together. And it doesn’t stop there, as the stars then went out partying at T’Town hotspot Playhouse. Who knew Rob was such a ladies’ man! And what’s going on with Rihanna? One day she’s telling Oprah that she still loves Chris Brown and now the A-lister seems to be swooping in on D-list Rob. Someone’s in serious need of an Ahlan!-style interfriendtion! We’re here with the ice cream and chick flicks, RiRi.

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