Rihanna Sickened by Chris Brown's Tattoo

Rihanna is reportedly furious about Chris Brown's neck tattoo, which she sees as a reminder of the pain he caused her
Rihanna Sickened by Chris Brown's Tattoo

Rihanna reportedly finds Chris Brown's tattoo a "painful reminder" of the heartache he put her through. The pop star is reportedly angry that her ex-boyfriend Chris Brown has a new inking on his neck, which it is claimed resembles her picture after he attacked her in 2009.

The 24-year-old Barbadian singer is said to be upset and shocked by his tattoo, with sources claiming Rihanna thinks it is a typically selfish move by Chris done purposely to dredge the incident up again.

"He must've known what people would think. But that's typical of Chris he never thinks about anyone but himself," a source told British magazine Look. "It's a painful reminder for Rihanna of what she went through."

According to her friends, Rihanna was on the verge of a public reconciliation with shamed star Chris. They appeared close at the recent MTV Video Music Awards where they were seen kissing. However the tattoo has put a stop to any such rekindling of their romance.

"This has thrown Rihanna," the source added. "She's been calling Chris to say the tattoo is sickening and she's furious."

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