Rihanna Playing Matchmaker

07 Mar 2012
By Ahlanlive.com

Why we really don't think that Rihanna should be finding a man for Katy Perry

We think Rihanna is super talented, but let’s be honest, when it comes to choosing a boyfriend she’s no pro. So when sources leaked the news that Ri wants to play matchmaker for her now-single bestie Katy Perry, our first thought was “Aargh!”.

Rihanna was the victim of ex-boyfriend Chris Brown’s domestic violence in 2009 and kept her distance from the singer for years, but now the two are collaborating on tracks and rumours are flying that the pair are secretly dating! No offense Ri, but you should leave the matchmaking to the folks without restraining orders against their exes. Katy’s parents would love to see their blue-haired daughter settle down with clean-cut American football player Tim Tebow. You know, the guy Taylor Swift and Kim Kardashian have eyes for. We hope she listens to mum and nabs him while she can!