Rihanna Gets Saucy on Hackney Stage

Wearing hot pants, fishnets and loads of 'tude, Rihanna stole the show as she headlined the fest
Monday , 25 June 2012
Rihanna Gets Saucy on Hackney Stage
Rihanna's Hackney look

Saucy Rihanna was back to rock the stage at the Hackney Festival
and this time she really wanted the crowds to go wild. That's exactly what
happened as she turned up wearing hot pants and fishnet stockings, topped off by a T-shirt with a fiery tiger print, a leather jacket, black and gold sunnies and bright red lipstick. Plus, she got Jay-Z to join her as she headlined on Sunday night (24

Rihanna teamed up with Bey's man for their duet Run This
on Saturday and she took to the stage for her own gig the next evening. Entering
the Egyptian-themed stage to loud applause, she launched into a rendition of
Only Girl (In the World) before shouting, "Hackney, make some f******

She played a hits-packed set, singing tracks including
What's My Name?, Rude Boy, Love The Way You Lie and Disturbia, and thrilled
fans by walking off the stage to greet fans at the front and yelling,
"Alright Hackney - this is where we get crazy!"

Later, Rihanna, who wore a black leather jacket and
fishnet shorts, told the audience she had a problem with her microphone pack -
and asked one crowd member to fix the problem for her.

She revealed, "It's dropping out of my bra... I'll get one of my fans to
help. You gotta be good, don't touch my bra, right!"

RiRi went on to play for another hour, and stunned the
50,000-strong crowd when she introduced Jay-Z to the stage for Run This Town.

They also performed Talk That Talk and Umbrella, and
Rihanna rounded off the evening with her hit We Found Love to an overhead
fireworks display.

The pop superstar was thrilled with her gig, telling the audience as she
high-fived fans in the pit during her final number, "I love this s***!
Hackney, you f****** rock! I don't want to go, I love you guys so much."

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