Rihanna Dishes on Her Baby Plans with Chris Brown

01 Mar 2013
By Ahlanlive.com

Plus, RiRi reveals the only person she is scared of... it isn't Chris Brown!

Rihanna has been blasted for reconciling with Chris Brown - who is still on probation for beating her up in 2009 - but says she doesn't care what people think and she even sees babies in the future with him. RiRi wants to have a baby in the next five years.

In an interview with Elle UK magazine, the 25-year-old revealed her plans for the next few years include starting a family with Chris Brown and preparing for a life without touring.: "I will probably have a kid. And I'm praying I can go on vacation for a good month. And I'll have to set some things up so I don't have to tour for the rest of my life."

The Stay hitmaker recently spoke of her love for the 23-year-old rapper and admitted she couldn't continue to bury her feelings for him, even after the assault.

She said: "I wanted him to know what it felt like to lose me, to feel the consequences of that. So when that [love] came back, it hit me like a ton of bricks. Like, God, you've got to be kidding me right now. But I got real with myself, and I just couldn't bury the way I felt."

She added: "[My new single] Stay is a story about having love that close and wanting it to last forever. You don't have that feeling with everybody so when you have it you don't want to let go of it. I would definitely say that he [Chris] is the one I have that kind of relationship with."

"Now that we're adults we can do this right. We got a fresh start and I'm thankful for that. Right now that's just what we want, a great friendship that's unbreakable. Everybody wanted to know what was happening in my life. Is she a drug addict? No. Is she an alcoholic? No. Is she a victim? No. That's when I got the gun [tattoo]. It was a symbol of strength. I'll never be a victim.

"That's why I'm posting pictures of myself, to tell the truth about myself. I've got so much to think about, why bring all this extra s*** by being dishonest?"

The singer added in the interview that she is terrified of her mother. The 25-year-old says she doesn't care what anyone thinks of her but admitted her mother can "humble the f***" out of her.

She : "Well I Instagram everything about my life, whether it's smoking, reading a Bible verse - how crazy, I know! - or hanging out with my best friend, who happens to be Chris [Brown]. I'm not afraid of any person in this world but my mother. I'm terrified of her!

"She called me two days ago and reeled me in about two naked pictures Melissa [Rihanna's best friend] put up on Instagram - a sneak-peek from a photo book she's making about me. My mom, she went crazy on me. I was like embarrassed. I felt like I got my ass whupped in front of my class in school! She said, 'This was like a private moment and you're just parading this around.' She humbled the f*** out of me."