Rihanna is Desperate for Love

28 Mar 2012
By Ahlanlive.com

Rihanna's been busy filming new flick Battleship and sparking relationship rumours with Ashton Kutcher, now she's looking for a man to save her from single life

Rihanna got close to Drake in his new video for Take Care and is rumoured to have feelings for ex Chris Brown, but it looks like she’s ready for a new man! Rihanna was snapped by a pap walking into Ashton Kutcher’s Dhs37 million house on 21 March at midnight and TMZ reported that RiRi didn’t leave until 4am! After seeing those pics, we’re having a lot of trouble believing that Rihanna’s love life is nonexistent. In our interview with the singer-turned-actress, she swears that not only is she very single, she’s constantly looking for a beau and just can’t find one who’s “man” enough. We hope you’re listening, Ash!

Since RiRi was spotted creeping out of Ashton’s pad at dawn, the rumour mill has gone into overdrive, with some sources saying that Ash and the singer have been a secret item since December last year! That’s only a month after Ash and Demi split. A source told The Sun that the two met at a mutual friend’s party, “swapped numbers” and immediately started “flirting.”

The source claimed that the pair recently spent the night at a Santa Monica hotel and that RiRi is so smitten with Ash that she might take Kabbalah sessions with him!

There could definitely be a love connection between Ash and RiRi, but the singer could also be spending time with him to make ex Chris Brown jealous. She’s been wearing super-provocative outfits lately and making rude hand gestures at the paparazzi. Could it all be a cry for Chris’ attention?

Maybe RiRi should spend more time with her gal pals and stay out of man trouble. She just confirmed that she’s working on a new song with bestie Katy Perry. Ri said, “Katy is one of my favourite musicians, as well as one of my favourite people in the industry. She’s very uncalculated, very sure of herself, and that’s something very rare to find in this industry.” Quite a compliment!

New music collaborations, a new movie career and maybe a new man – only RiRi could juggle all of that. Our roving reporter caught up with the superstar to chat about her hunt for love and her new action flick.

You’re a superstar singer and now you’ve made your acting debut in Battleship. Are you going to pull a Justin Timberlake and do both music and movies?
Battleship has been a really, really good experience. I love doing movies now and acting is definitely something that I want to do more of. I just want to choose films wisely and pick roles that I can pull off – nothing that’s too big for me.

Have you been dreaming about a movie career for a while?
I didn’t know that I really wanted to do films until I started making this movie.

Who do you play in Battleship?
I play Raikes, a tough weapons officer. She is really intelligent, but really bada** at the same time – a fighter and a killer. I have shot some weapons before when I was in cadets in school, so having that little background really helped when I was doing this film because I had no time [to prepare]. I went straight from tour to shooting my album cover before I flew straight out to the movie set.

And did you have to do any navy training?
Yeah. We worked with real military officers who were yelling at me, breaking me down, making me do pushups. They didn’t care about Rihanna; to them I was just a recruit. At that point I thought, ‘Is this necessary? Really? Do you have to yell at me or can you just teach me how to stand to attention?’ [Laughs].

Now it’s time to get personal. Are you dating at the moment?
I am not dating at all.

Do you think men are intimidated by you?
I would say at times I think they are. But that is no good for me – it would not work if they’re intimidated by me. I like a man who’s very sure of himself and knows that he is the man and I’m the lady and we both play our roles. I am the man at work all the time and I don’t want it in my personal life too. I want the other person to make the decisions in the relationship – it can be difficult but I can’t give the time.

Are you sick of being single?
I’m not necessarily happy being single – it’s not cool for me – but I do put a lot into my job and that definitely affects my personal life, which is pretty much nonexistent. It’s not fun. That’s why I am on Twitter a lot – so I can converse with my fans.

Are you psyched about the release of your new single Talk that Talk, the title track from your album of the same name?
Yeah, I am so excited. I love that track. I worked so hard on the whole album, when it was done it was so satisfying. We turned it all around pretty fast and when I was holding it in my hand I couldn’t believe it. But because I kept tweeting about it all and my fans were sending me messages about it, it felt like we had all been on that journey together. I love it.

Do you know when one of your songs will be a hit before it comes out?
I have an instinct; I know what I like to hear. I love music and my fans just love good music, so when I make music I always create something that I love because if I don’t love it then chances are people won’t either.

You’re a singer, now actress… next a designer? We heard you helped design your Grammy dress and are pursuing your own fashion line!
Well, I designed the dress with Giorgio Armani – it was a collaboration. We have a pretty good relationship since we’ve worked together on the campaigns and I’ve been designing a capsule line for his collection, so he trusts my designs. I wanted something a bit Michelle Pfeiffer in Scarface – simple but sexy and a little gangster at the same time!

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