Rihanna Cried During Battleship Audition!

The Umbrella singer broke down during the grueling process
Monday , 19 March 2012
Rihanna Cried During Battleship Audition!
RiRi's not as tough as she looks!

RiRi isn’t as tough as she looks! The singer collapsed in tears after enduring the tough audition process for the upcoming flick Battleship. RiRi’s making her acting debut in the big budget spectacular, playing a navy cadet who helps fight against an invasion of alien ships.

Even though director Peter Berg was convinced Rihanna would be perfect for the movie after watching her music videos, he put her through a very hard audition process – and RiRi just couldn’t fight the tears.

The director told Total Film," I saw one of her videos and she was really cocky and sassy, very scrappy. There was a certain inherent toughness to her. Everyone thought I was crazy but I put a call out and asked her to come in.” He added that she was very tough, but very funny and “a natural performer”.

“I wanted a gorgeous girl. I'll be very honest about that, but I wanted someone who could act. I put her through more audition paces than anyone else and wouldn't let her stop until she was crying real tears!" he confessed. Wow! We hope RiRi’s next audition is a little less dramatic.

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