Rihanna to cover up for Abu Dhabi gig

She's struggling to find suitable stage gear
Rihanna to cover up for Abu Dhabi gig

RIHANNA is scrambling to find a modest stage costume after she was asked to tone down her raunchy live act for an upcoming performance in the UAE on New Year's Eve.

The Umbrella singer, who is known for her daring and revealing outfits, will have to cover up when she takes the stage to ring in the New Year at the Emirates Palace Hotel in Abu Dhabi so as not to offend any fans.

And she's struggling to find something suitable because her wardrobe is overflowing with eye-popping numbers.

A source tells Britain's Daily Mirror, "Rihanna is tearing her hair out over what to do. She wanted to put on her most eccentric and provocative show yet. She knows that she'll have to compromise her style to fit in with local traditions - but a huge part of her show is her sexy stage gear.”

The 21-year-old, who is reportedly receiving $500,000 for the gig, faced protests in Malaysia earlier this year over a scheduled concert until she vowed to tone down her risque show and conform to strict dress and dance rules.