Rihanna & Chris Brown: The burning question

The alleged attack, her "horrific" injuries, rumoured texts from Paris Hilton... what really went down that night?
Wednesday , 18 February 2009

Ever since CHRIS BROWN’s alleged attack on his girlfriend RIHANNA, in the early hours of February 8, the pair have gone into hiding, with the Umbrella star fleeing to her family in Barbados and Chris rumoured to be holed up in Las Vegas.

And their silence on the incident – until 19-year-old Chris’s public statement on Sunday – has left the world wondering about Rihanna’s apparent “horrific” injuries, the text to Chris that’s said to have sparked the argument, and where the pair go from here.

As Rihanna’s dad, Ronald reveals, “The relationship is over,” Ahlan! answers the burning questions about what really happened on that fateful night...

Q. What happened on the night of the alleged attack?

A.According to website TMZ.com, who claim to have seen the police report of the incident, Chris received a text message from an unidentified woman about meeting up, which sparked an argument between him and Rihanna.

“She did... tell [police] that during the argument, he started hitting her,” revealed the news site. “According to the police report, she ordered him to drive her home and ‘faked a call’ to someone, saying things like, ‘He’s dropping me off. Make sure the cops are there.’ Rihanna told cops the fake call enraged Brown. He said something to the effect of, ‘You are really f***** up now. I’m going to kill you.’” Site sources continue – “At that point, according to the report, Brown allegedly began a violent attack with his fists. At some point, Rihanna took the keys out of the ignition and threw them outside. And... according to the police report, she told cops this was not the first time Brown hit her. She referred to it as an ongoing and escalating abusive relationship.”

Q.What are her reported “horrific” injuries?

. Insiders claim there were bite marks on one of Rihanna’s arms as well as on her fingers. And according to E! News, “A source close to the investigation [said] that Rihanna has alleged to police that Brown choked her while threatening to kill her and, subsequently, she lost consciousness.”

An insider added, “Cops took multiple pictures at the scene. Chris Brown allegedly hit Rihanna so hard with his fists, she could barely open her eyes for the photos – they were almost completely swollen shut. She had a fat lip, her mouth was swollen, her nose was badly bloodied, and she had contusions on her forehead and both sides of her face."

Q. Did Chris flee the scene?

A. Sources agree that Chris was not at the scene when cops arrived and an insider has insisted that Brown’s bodyguards had been following the couple, and proceeded to step in and whisk the singer away after the alleged altercation.

Why is JAY-Z so angry?

A. Friends of Jay-Z, who discovered Rihanna, say the hip hop mogul “hit the roof” when he heard about the allegations. “Chris is a walking dead man,” an insider told US Weekly. “He messed with the wrong crew.”

And Rihanna herself admitted in a previous interview that her ‘mentor’ was extremely protective of her, revealing, “Guys will talk to Jay first before they try to approach me. He’s very protective. Jay has my best interests in mind.”

Q. Why have both PARIS HILTON and LEONA LEWIS’s names been linked to the incident?

A. Paris Hilton was initially named by sources as the woman who sent the alleged text to Chris requesting to hook up.

“[Chris] and Paris went outside together,” a witness spilled about a party held two days before the Grammys. “Paris was all over him.” But Paris has denied the accusation, slamming, “That’s ridiculous and an outright lie. I was not ‘all over him’ as some magazine reported. I said, ‘Hello’ and that was it. I love Rihanna and that never happened.” And Brit singer, Leona Lewis – accused of having flirted with Chris, raising Rihanna’s ire – declared through her rep, “Leona… had nothing to do with any argument that may have ensued between Chris and Rihanna.”