Rihanna and Rita Ora's 'Pyjama Party'

Did someone say frenemy sleepover? It's like Rihanna and Rita Ora share a stylist (and not a good one at that!)
Tuesday , 04 September 2012
Rihanna and Rita Ora's 'Pyjama Party'
Rita Ora and Rihanna could be pyjama twins

Rita Ora and Rihanna may be rivals, but they have more in common than just their taste in men. Either the singers both need to give their stylists a serious talking to or they’re on their way to a frenemy sleepover. It can only be a good thing if RiRi wants to make more friends though, after she fell out with Kelly O and Joan Rivers recently. The pair publically blasted RiRi over Twitter for admitting to Oprah that she still loves Chris Brown. Ouch!

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