Ricky Gervais

Ricky Gervais: Hollywood's Most Hated Man

24 Jan 2011
By Ahlanlive.com

After insulting everyone at the Golden Globes, has the comedian destroyed his chance for US success?

Second-time host Ricky Gervais caused outrage in Hollywood last week when he presented the Golden Globes and viciously attacked his celeb-filled audience with a series of cringe-worthy gags that threaten to end his career in America for good.

The A-list crowd were left in shock when the British comic, who was given carte blanche to write his own material for the prestigious ceremony, committed career suicide and criticised Hollywood. A source insisted, “It was a big mistake bringing him back, he won’t be doing it again.” Meanwhile Ricky cheekily retorted, “I warned them about not checking my script. It’s their fault really.”

‘He Went Too Far’

While Ricky was warned by lawyers not to insult certain celebs, including Mel Gibson, the 49-year-old still aimed his anti-Semitic jokes toward the Lethal Weapon actor. However, while those jokes were predictable, sources claim the most shocking were the ones aimed at the unexpected such as Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie.

Insiders claim Ange was furious when mocked by the “unfunny Englishman” who quipped, “You can be a little child, a little Asian child, with no possessions, no money – but you see a picture of Angelina Jolie and you think, Mummy!” Ricky later took another swipe at Ange when he criticised her, and co-star Johnny Depp, for their poor acting in The Tourist, insisting they weren’t “three-dimensional”.

After insulting the board of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, when suggesting they took bribes, its president Philip Berk warned The Office star, “Next time you want me to help you qualify your movie, go to another guy.”

Tom Hanks and Tim Allen also joined in on the Gervais bashing after Ricky introduced Tom highlighting all his accolades before adding, “And the other guy is Tim Allen.” The funnymen hit back with Tom recalling when “Ricky was a slightly chubby but very kind comedian”. Allen added, “Neither of which he is today…”

With most of his quips met with silence, Ricky was eventually pulled aside for an hour by the shows organisers and warned to tone down his script.

‘He Made The Globes Watchable’
However, it wasn’t all negative reviews. “There was also a lot of love for Ricky at the Globes,” insisted a source. “While his sense of humour may not have been to everyone’s taste, it certainly got everyone talking about the ceremony. He made it exciting.”

TV critic Mary McNamara was also supportive of Ricky, adding his unpretentious approach was, “The opposite of dull and abusive.”

Actor Alec Baldwin was hugely amused by the comedian with one eyewitness revealing, “He was howling with laughter, wiping tears from his eyes.” Rapper P Diddy was also a fan insisting, “I really enjoyed it. Ricky did an excellent job.” Fellow Brit Helena Bonham Carter also added, “We’re all grateful actually because it’s essentially a real snooze fest. He keeps everyone awake.”

Yet, Robert De Niro – who once starred in Ricky’s UK hit show Extras – was the comedian’s biggest admirer. “He was in hysterics,” spilled an insider.

Luckily for Gervais, Robert’s admiration saw him alleviate some of the limelight from the criticised host as he attempted his own joke. In the same vein as the comedian, the actor quipped, “I’m sorry more members of the foreign press aren’t with us tonight, but many were deported right before the show along with most of the waiters. And Javier Bardem.”